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You Make My Brown Eyes Blue

Sadness is for dorks

Sadness is for dorks

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Oh no!!

My keycap! My precious sugar skull keycap that was a gift from Crystal! I've lost it!

I went hiking in Simpson Park this week and it must have snagged on a branch or something because by the time we left it was no longer hanging from my zipper. I cannot tell you how bummed I am because I took such good care of that. The key is really no big deal because I can always make another copy. But dammit! That was such an awesome Dia de los Muertos skull. And I can't find another keycap unless I want Hello Kitty or Twilight (I don't.) Sigh.

In other news. I went hiking. In Simpson Park. Oh wait, I said that already.

Uhhhh, well how about this: No. I got nothin' I don't remember what else has been going on that would be of any interest to anyone. All I've been doing (instead of looking for a job, mind you) is re-watching all of Veronica Mars and playing the hell out of Persona4.

P4, by the way, being incredibly fun and awesome and yay. I hatehatehated lvl grinding and randomly generated dungeons until the Persona series. Also, in P4 some of the dungeons include such awesomely off-kilter locations such as bathhouses (you know the kind I mean), strip clubs, and pixelated throwbacks to the 8-bit days. Yum!

Okay. That's all I got for now. See you in a few days!
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