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You Make My Brown Eyes Blue

I'll schmear it for you

I'll schmear it for you

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Las Flores
As promised! An entry! I don't have a lot of time, though. Here's a quick rundown of thangs up in muh hood!

I have finally, after years of checking it out and ignoring it, I have finished reading White Teeth. It's been, like, almost a decade now that I caught the end of the mini-series when PBS aired it. At the time I remember thinking one dude in it looked like a brit Gregory Smith, which I now suspect must have been James McAvoy? I don't know. That's another something to look into, I guess.

In other book news, I've been buying way more books than is smart. I'm addicted to going through the books every saturday at the farmer's market. I've found some choice stuff, including, but not limited to Joseph Campbell's awesome books on mythology. The only downside is that they didn't have his book on oriental mythology, which is the only book of his I've read. Damn. Another good find at the thrift shop on Harvard was Greg Louganis's biography. There's this one part he talks about just after the 1976 olympic games when he was 16 and just cute as a button, and some random weirdo calls him to ask permission to masturbate to his picture.
Hilarious. And also kinda awesome.

I swear I'll write more in the future! See you next week!
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